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Metro Car Wreckers Melbourne

Our Wreck yard in Melbourne allow to buy any condition car to sell it for suitable wreckers that pay right cash for your vehicles. Instead of searching and advertising to sell your car in Melbourne, our team at Metro will let you the know the process of selling a car online. The process of wrecking vehicles in Melbourne is very easy. The car owner don’t need to worry about the scrap car for dismantling or looking for disposal commercial trucks. Taking it as easy as we can and also improve the factors of same day removals from home. It is the suggestion for car owner who belongs to mechanical professions. Earlier they dismantle the vehicles and collect the useful parts first to recover the cost of vehicles.

They also sell some other non-metal parts like fiber material, plastic, battery etc to some other recyclers rather than scrap metal recyclers. In that case, they never sell everything once and can’t get money within one or two days.   They had to sell the parts separately to recover the cost. But if compare with today’s recyclers, you don’t need to do anything. Just call on the given number rest we will let you know. Even in the case of not working vehicles or fully damaged, we allow to tow it free of cost from the place where the vehicle is located. We buy all makes and models for wrecking and dismantling. And we offer free car removal service in Melbourne to pick up and collection of all vehicles.

Cash for Wrecking Cars – Up to $18,000

With Car Wreckers Melbourne, you can get cash for wrecking and dismantling cars, vans, trucks and 4wds. But how much cash for a vehicle? There are so many things on which your car price depends. It includes type of vehicle, make, model, year and condition. Depending on these factors, our prices vary for each and every vehicle. One thing that we always try to make sure, that you get top cash for cars, vans, trucks and 4wds. Metro Car Wreckers can pay you cash up to $18,000 for any vehicle that is located in Melbourne. And due to our high payouts, we are now top car buyers in Melbourne. Normally we cater all suburbs of Melbourne to pick up any sort of vehicle. And our cash for cars, car removals, car wreckers, quotes, inspections and paperwork every service is free of charge.

Free Vehicle Removals for Wrecking

With Metro Car Wreckers, you always get free car removal service from anywhere in Melbourne. It means that when you sell a car, we pick it up on tow truck and collect it without any charges. This free service also valid for all cars, vans, trucks, 4wds, utes, and buses. Due to this service, we are able to buy every used, old, damaged, junk and scrap vehicle. Doesn’t matter, where your location is. Car Wreckers Melbourne comes to you for picking up and removal of any sort of vehicle. And we give you cash for car removal in Melbourne on same day. We are so quick and professional that we’ll pick up your car within maximum of 2 hours. Call us to get free car removal and wrecking services in Melbourne today. For more information, please visit our free car removals Melbourne page.

Why Car Wreckers Melbourne ?

Cash up to $8999 for cars, vans, trucks, 4wds and Utes. Cash for wrecking all vehicles in Melbourne.

Sell My Car Melbourne

We Buy Every Make and Model

Feel free to call Metro Car Wreckers and get cash for vehicle removal today. Because we buy and remove every make and model. We welcome and buy every Japanese, American, Australian, Asian and European makes. And that’s why we offer different kind of wrecking and dismantling services in Melbourne.

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