How To Clean your Car Floor Mats Like a Pro?

Keeping your car’s carpet and floor mats clean can make a big difference in the overall appearance of the vehicle. Crumbs, trash and dirt, can easily pile up on the floor of your car. Cleaning car mats and carpeting is a simple task of car cleaning that you can do by yourself. You can improve the overall look of your car by quickly cleaning the car floor mats whether they are made up of rubber or upholstery. Your car will also smell better once you clean the car floor mats.

Prepare the Car Floor Mats to Clean

Remove your floor mats

Open all of your car doors and take your mats out of the car one by one, if they are removable. Do not clean them when they are inside the car.You must remove the mats so that water won’t damage your car’s interior. Also, you must not allow oily or foam consistency products to reach the gas, clutch and brake pedals in your car as this could cause your foot to slip off the pedal during driving, which can be very dangerous.You can clean the mats at your home parking lot or inside your garage ora gas station. Most of the car mats are removable. However, if the mats are built into the car in that case you have no other option other than cleaning them inside the car.

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Vacuum cloth floor mats first

Use a vacuum to ensure that you suction up all of the dust particles and soil particles from your car mats before you further try to clean them. Cleaning a damp carpet mat can be quite difficult. Baking soda can be used to absorb some moisture and bad odor by lightly sprinkling it onto the carpet floor mat and then leaving it for about 10-20 minutes, before vacuuming.Vacuum the mats from both sides, making sure to thoroughly get crumbs and dust off of the mats.

Shake or whack the mats to remove dirt

Shaking the floor mats will shake out some of the dust that is embedded in the rubber or cloth floor mats. Do this in some open space. Whack the mats against the ground a few times.Find a hard surface to strike the mats on it. This can work for both rubber and cloth mats. You might also need to use a scraper to remove hardened materials from the rubber mat before cleaning them.

Washing Car Floor Mats

Car floor mats are usually made out of rubber. Especially where it can get rainy and snowy, the rubber mats provide good moisture protection for your interior and will dry faster than any other mat. Use a hose to wash the mats, but only from the dirty side of the mat don’t make the mats wet on the other side.You can also use a bucket of water if you don’t have a hose. Baking soda is good for getting stains out of cloth car floor mats.Baking soda also helps in neutralizing odors from pets and food and other dirt.

Apply soap to every mat

Mix laundry soap and baking soda with water to lift out dirt from rubber floor mats. If you don’t have baking soda, you can use any kind of liquid soap.It’s not hard to get dirt off of rubber floor mats, so usually soap and water is enough to clean them.Apply more pressure to water hose, and wash the mats as thoroughly as you can.

For upholstery car mats make a mixture with two tablespoons of washing powder and an equal amount of shampoo. Then, rub the brush on car floor mat. You can also use this mixture to clean your car bumper which is only made up of plastic.

Dry the car mats.

Make sure that the mats should be dry before you put them back into your car, but if you are washing them at a gas station than you may not be able to wait.In that situation, you can place all your mats where they are supposed to be, and flip the fan switch to full power and put your air conditioning on full heat. For the fastest drying, put the AC switch to feet warming, as this will dry out the mats quickly.

To dry cloth floor mats, hang them up somewhere in the sunlight or dry them in a dryer. Floor mats get a bad musky smell if not properly dried. Once the floor mats are dried use a razor to remove any excess fur hanging off the mat.

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