Safety Counts! A Guide Featuring Car Safety

One of the most popular, readily available, affordable, quick and comfortable sources of transportation is automobiles. With the increase in their usage and demand, manufacturers produce thousands of cars every year. And with this extensive presence of vehicles, there come unwanted incidents too, like auto accidents, collision with objects and road accidents, Thereby resulting in damage to property or injury of a person. There are many reasons which lead to road accidents like bad weather, environmental conditions, driver negligence, mechanical faults or unexperienced underage drivers. Approximately two million people die of car accidents. It’s the demand for driving and drivers responsibility to protect passenger’s, fellow road users and especially driver itself. To ensure safety and avoid unfortunate incidents, cars are equipped with many safety features and devices.

If you’re about to buy a new car, then consider every possible safety feature and fittings. Having the safest car is mental satisfaction for the wellbeing of yourself and your beloved passengers. Also, it could save money as you know how car insurance companies make their rates.

Almost every car these days have a range of safety features, whether it’s a new model or an old one. These features and fittings minimize the occurrence of being involved in a crash or injuries after an accident. Here are some useful information and 4 key features to look out while making your choice of buying a car.

Seat Belts:

Buckle your seat belt, it’s the most important thing to keep you on your seat, or you can say the first line of defence against a collision. Seat belts are mostly standard in all cars and a specific part of a vehicle, so it’s not necessary to check. But with most high technology cars, you’re likely to have advanced seat belts. They include features like tightening immediately before collision and improved webbing elasticity.

One noticeable thing is the middle seat in the back. Does it have a 3 point fastening system or just a lap belt? It’s safer to have a 3 point fastening system. Choose this added protection if you’re likely to use the middle seat regularly.

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With the availability since the ’70s, airbags demonstrated their effectiveness in every type of vehicle collision. They reduce the speed and impact force in crash situations protecting drivers and passengers by inflating and deflating. Modern cars have front back and side-impact airbags in case of rollover and external airbags to protect the exterior of the vehicle.

One can help airbags to protect you by doing these simple steps. Make sure your seat belt is buckled and avoid sitting too close to the steering as airbags will have less time to expand and contact you fully. Also sitting too far make airbags out of reach during impact. Avoid having a rear-facing child or any hard thing covering your steering in an active airbag.


No one wants to be in a condition of car fish-tailing. In a situation of over and understeering, Electronic stability control (ESC) helps you stabiles your car and regain control. It uses computer technology to apply individual brakes in case of losing control. From January 2011 in Australia, Europe, and America it’s mandatory that every car register must have ESC fitted. The manufacturers claim that these ESC systems do not require changes in driving styles and instead support drivers to maintain a gentle grip and control on the car.

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They only thing that is under your control before a collision is your brake pedal. Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) allows you to achieve maximum distance from the hitting object or not colliding them as hard. It pumps the brake much harder than the driver could, resulting from stopping faster in a panic situation. Its main feature is stopping on ice and wet terrain. On the slippery surface, it prevents skidding and lock-ups. Because (ABS) has an effective track record in the automobile market, insurers also offer amazing discounts for having this feature.

Consider these main 4 key features in the personal sense of selection of your new car. It’s good to know that manufacturers are trying their best to keep you safe on roads. Do avail of these features so you can have peace of mind and while your hands on steering your fellow passengers feel safe accompanying.

Accidents are a bitter reality and part of driving, they can happen anywhere and to anyone. We can only keep ourselves away from accidents with an active mind. If you ever met an unwanted accident and damaged your car to an extent that it cost you more on repairing than its actual value then think of selling it with an exchange of cash.

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