Importance of Test Drive Before Buying A Car

It’s a thrilling and exciting experience for all of us of buying a new car, but also a great responsibility for selecting a perfect car which may intimidate others. Every year hundreds of thousands of costumers go to their favourite car dealer showrooms to choose that ideal match. In our society, this job is considered perfectly normal. Sometimes in the purchasing process, many buyers make wrong decisions and fall right in the trap where dealers want them. You will be overwhelmed by the salesman or seller as you are much excited about your new car. At this phase beware, notice everything, and before making a big investment, it’s your duty and an opportunity to determine which car suits your personality and lifestyle.

Most of the new drivers make a perfunctory test drive. With the advancement in automobile technology and features manufacturers offer, it’s very important to have a thorough test drive. There is less percentage of people who know the exact car they need while shopping. But most consumers end up purchasing the same vehicle; they had a test drive of that one vehicle only. Even you buy shoes after trying more than two, three pairs and which fits your size and comfort.

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On roads usually, an average car is around ten years old. People think that it’s really not important to test drive a new model before buying because everything is going to be advanced and new then that they are currently driving. There is a significant change in technology with many unfamiliar features which may distract even seasoned drivers on-road when they try a new thing.

We recommend a few tips to consider while having a test drive and purchasing procedure to ensure you get the most out of your new car.

  • Enlist and involve a friend:

Having an extra eye on car shopping is a great advantage, bring any of your family member or friend to spot the loose holes and red flags during the deal. Give a chance to your spouse, friend or partner to try on driving seat too. Also, it would be comfortable for you with a company of familiar individuals during the test drive.

  • Research and decide what’s important:

Make a comparable list of needs that you want from your new car and how much you can spend. Ensure your priorities, do you need a family sedan, a rough train 4×4, a two seated sports car or just a fuel-efficient reliable ride for your daily office commute. When you stick to the plan, it is easy to decide without getting confused. Mark your checklist during the test drive and see how many points that car has taken.

  • Plan your route:

You must try driving on an unfamiliar road. Navigate vehicle on different routes. Challenge yourself with that new ride on go and stop traffic, highway lanes, smooth and bumpy roads to check how well it goes with your driving capabilities.

  • Have a feel of the car:

Of course, there is a need to inspect the exterior and interior and have sometime before you leave. Feel for the car while having a test drive and make it realistic. Get in and out several times to check if it’s an easy and comfortable entrance. Sometimes there is congested cockpit for big people while for some short heights they won’t see above the steering of a pickup truck. Play with the extra features and accessories of the car so you won’t get distracted with the new details on the road. Check for the mechanical parts, like the engine and air conditioner, etc. to see how much it takes to reach the maximum efficiency. Do proper assessments and get familiar with every possibility.

  • Take a parking ride:

Have another perspective on car dimensions and potential blind spots try parallel parking, to get the knowledge of angles. Sharp turn and cuts give you a great advantage of getting familiar with the steering wheel. Make sure about the ease of moving the steer, changing gears and pushing brake/acceleration pedal. Make some edgy left and right turn to check the car reaction in such varieties.

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  • Try Again:

If you are confident about your research and know what to buy, then it’s fine. Otherwise, try to test drive multiple cars to compare. Don’t be afraid to ask for another test drive or any other question which helps you finalizing your decision. Plan visits to different dealers; also, everyone has their selling style and customer services. Moreover, ask for an appointment in the evening to check the headlights and experience of driving at night.

The secret to enhancing your test drive process and making it successful is to make sure you are always in full control. As you and salesman are involved in the same task of getting a car off the showroom. Once you’re done with the test drive, you should have plenty of knowledge before hitting the pending decision. Be confident about signing the dotted line and driving away your new car.

As now you own a new car, you might think about your old car too. You can keep both of them if you want but if it’s too old to carry and give you some serious blows of spending money, then give it some respect and think of selling it to a wrecker company for its decent end. Make space for your new car in the garage now. Enjoy the new features and travel where your old car was unable to take you.

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