How to Avoid Texting While Driving

How to Avoid Texting While Driving

Are you texting while driving? Do you know this act can cause a dangerous accident? This is one of the most top reasons for many major accidents. This is very common nowadays that texting while driving. It is increasing day by day and becomes the reason for many incidents. According to some reports that one of five driver’s texting while driving instead of keeping their phone far away from their seat. It is not dependent on the age of a person because from elder to older everyone doesn’t care about it that they are putting themselves in a major risk. … Read more

Importance of Test Drive Before Buying A Car

Importance of Test Drive Before Buying A Car

It’s a thrilling and exciting experience for all of us of buying a new car, but also a great responsibility for selecting a perfect car which may intimidate others. Every year hundreds of thousands of costumers go to their favourite car dealer showrooms to choose that ideal match. In our society, this job is considered perfectly normal. Sometimes in the purchasing process, many buyers make wrong decisions and fall right in the trap where dealers want them. You will be overwhelmed by the salesman or seller as you are much excited about your new car. At this phase beware, notice … Read more

Safety Counts! A Guide Featuring Car Safety

A Guide Featuring Car Safety

One of the most popular, readily available, affordable, quick and comfortable sources of transportation is automobiles. With the increase in their usage and demand, manufacturers produce thousands of cars every year. And with this extensive presence of vehicles, there come unwanted incidents too, like auto accidents, collision with objects and road accidents, Thereby resulting in damage to property or injury of a person. There are many reasons which lead to road accidents like bad weather, environmental conditions, driver negligence, mechanical faults or unexperienced underage drivers. Approximately two million people die of car accidents. It’s the demand for driving and drivers … Read more

Now Waste Less Time in Traffic by Following these Tips

Now Waste Less Time in Traffic by Following these Tips

Driving is a good activity and fun as well when the weather is good; however, what’s the biggest fear of ant driver? It’s being stuck in traffic for long hours, and worst ones are if you were stuck in summers. When you get stuck in the worst traffic jam, it not only turns down your mood but also the precious time which could be spent in some healthy activity otherwise. There are several traffic hours when one does not feel like going out even if there is something important to do. The hours including the schools pick up and drop … Read more

Five Safety Tips for your DIY Hydraulic Brakes

Five Safety Tips for your DIY Hydraulic Brakes

If you are planning a long road trip, you should also add a new item into your list—brake inspection. Your car’s brake system is the most vital safety component and is easily prone to problems caused by harsh conditions. Breaks are one of the most important parts of a car, and one needs to take care of it to avoid any uncertain situation. Failing breaks can cause accidents on roads. Keeping in view its importance, we have decided to do a blog on its safety precautions. However, before going into the tips, its important one should know the overall function … Read more

Truck Wreckers Melbourne

Truck Wreckers and Used Parts Melbourne

Find the wreckers that also buy commercial trucks. Metro Car wreckers are one them where trucks are buying and dismantling for recycle and used part selling. The condition gets very annoying when a commercial truck will no longer in use. The reason may be anything whether engine issue or written off. We’re buying scrap trucks and paying right amount of money. We offer the 10% more on top of current market price for the vehicles. You will nowhere find such offers anywhere in Melbourne and in the surrounding areas. We are specialized in buying old vehicles and wrecking old and … Read more

How to decide what to do with your old car

waht to do with old cars

With a few of life’s questions, there are no hard-and-fast, right-or-wrong answers. The best tactic to take will rely upon your circumstances and where your priorities lie. Such is the case when it comes to figuring away what to do with your existing car when purchasing a new one.  You have three four alternatives. You may trade it in to a dealer or can sell it on your own to a private party also can donate it to charity. Your fourth choice is wreckers that buy any scrap or old cars and get you right amount of money on spot. In … Read more

Cash for Scrap Vehicles Geelong 3220 Vic

sell my car for cash

Selling Junk Vehicles in Geelong Sell us your unwanted car, scrap SUV, used Truck, accident sedan, scrap Van or damaged 4×4 and we’ll put money in your hand same day with at your home location. We buy vehicles for recycling and selling old damaged vehicles with the help of Metro car wreckers now really very easy. We recommend the vehicle owners to deal online for any scrap cars in Geelong. Read our Cash for Cars section as we’re the top buyers of all types of old vehicles towing it away for free. You can trust cash for cars for its … Read more

How Can You Get the Right Value for Your Scrap Car?

Since in the modern age, it’s quite convenient to get top deals for scrap cars online. But when we talk about the industry of automotive where cash is getting paid for any scrap vehicles, sometime it is difficult to figure out that what is right and wrong for the car owners. Old and scrappy cars are hard to sell specifically when they couldn’t run more than 1 mile. So, a difficult situation comes in front of the vehicle owners to dealing with scrap car dealers. In this case, most of the people just tend to agree to the first price that they have been … Read more

Five Reasons Why You Should Choose a Pre-owned Car

pre-owned cars

While shopping for a vehicle, you might be tempted to check out many new cars. But it is possibly better and a smarter choice to own a pre-owned car. Apart from saving money to dodging early mechanical issues, here are just a few reasons why you should buy a pre-owned car. Saving money while on a budget: This is one of the most obvious reasons to buy a pre-owned car is to save enough money. According to many auto traders, the newly purchased car will lose its value by 19% just after a year or so. On top of that, … Read more

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