How to Find Out Who Owns a Vehicle?

There are many reasons that you need to know about the owner of a vehicle. Sometimes you suffer in an accident that is a hit-and-run situation accident then you need to know the vehicle information. In this case, you only have a picture of tag as the car has been gone away from the scene. By getting the vehicle information, it’s obvious that you will get the information about its owner.

For getting such information, you need to do some legal work. You can get the vehicle information from many sources but in a legal way.

If you are approaching any government organization for getting information about vehicle owner then you have a valid reason for it. But if you are approaching some reference to get the information then you should hire some government person to conduct this search for you. There are many other ways to get this information because it is not limited to just anyone. Sometimes you should have a genuine reason to get the vehicle’s owner information but this is very difficult to approach a car owner.

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Because the vehicle information that you can get to reach a vehicle owner is a licensed plate number on the basis of this information you have to reach the owner that is most difficult. So if you want to reach vehicle owner then you need to follow some steps. Here are some points you need to follow for reaching the vehicle owner.

Be Honest While Providing Reason

First of all, you need to have a valid reason to get information about the vehicle owner. Because there is a restriction in many countries to reach registered owners of a vehicle for privacy and security reasons. So you should have a genuine reason because by providing false information or providing reason that is not true for seeking the information on any legal document can be the reason of heavy fine or even jail time. It will depend on the law of a country where you live so be honest while getting vehicle owner information. If you have a valid reason and you don’t know how you will approach vehicle owners then you need to follow these steps.

Step 1

The first step is to reach the vehicle owner that if you have a valid reason for any accident and facing hit-and-run situation then approach police to help out you. Because police have many resources to track down the vehicle owner in case of any emergency. In this way you don’t need to provide information by yourself but police will suggest that what you need to do.

Similarly, if someone parked a vehicle in the parking lot of your business then you can also approach the police and they will help you to contact the owner of the vehicle to remove their vehicle from your property. You should have a license plate number before going to the police. The police will help only if you involve a criminal matter or any safety matter. You also need to go to the police for getting vehicle owners while buying a vehicle and you want to make sure that the vehicle you are buying really owns to the person.

Step 2

Another way to find a vehicle owner if you have any valid reason for it then you should go to Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The reason can be theft or transfer of record on your name that will need vehicle owner information. In this matter, DMV will help you to find the vehicle owner and for this, you can fill a form for officially request about the vehicle’s owner.

If you have this valid reason, the department will help out you otherwise you can have an issue to get information due to the Drivers Privacy Protection Act.

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Step 3

There is another way to get information about the vehicle owner that you need to hire an investigator for getting this information. There are many companies that help you to find private investigators in your area. If there is no company in your area to find a private investigator then you can get information through a website.

There are websites of the state’s association of licensed private instigators that have information about private investigators. You can find the vehicle owner information though these processes because according to Drivers Privacy Protection Act, the private investigators are allowed to find public records to find vehicle owners.

Another way to find vehicle owner information is to contact the public record database if you have a license plate number. If you have an annual membership with these companies of databases then you have to pay annual fee from $25 to $50.

These are the steps that you need to follow for getting a vehicle owner information. But for finding such information, you have a genuine reason so that you can get it legally with legal work.

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