Top Old Car Buying Companies in Australia

In a country like Australia, it’s no big deal to sell an old trash car for cash. There are many companies operating over Australia that deal with wrecking old damaged cars. They literally possess amazing bundles for their clients. If you go through their feeds, you would probably be impressed and you won’t hesitate one of them to finalize the deal.

If you own an old damaged junk car and really want to get rid of it. Then a list of top 10 old car buying companies along with their way of working and contact details etc. is mentioned ahead:

Car Wreckers Melbourne:

In case you have an old damaged vehicle standing in your garage. And that is of no use for you. you can easily get rid of it whenever you want for a very nice amount of cash if you deal with Car Wreckers Melbourne.

They serve all over the state of Melbourne to grease the wheels. They have wonderful offers in store for their customers. Anyone will never regret working with them due to their 1st class customer services.

Types of services they offer:

  • Accepts all kinds of vehicles. (e.g. Trucks, Cars, Vans 4WDs, etc.)
  • Takes vehicles in any condition, they do not admire the current condition of the vehicle.
  • Operate over all the suburbs of Melbourne.
  • Pays quick cash in return for your old trash car.
  • Offer services from Monday to Saturday.
  • Do not prefer unneeded paperwork.
  • Has a very quick servicing team.
  • Awards free car removal services.
  • Has their own towing vehicle.

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Cash for Scrap Cars Melbourne:

Do you want to sale an old broken car for a handsome amount of cash? Then you would probably love the services Cash for Scrap Cars Melbourne offer. The topmost priority of this company is their customer care. They work their level best to satisfy their customers. Their CRS team is amazing. In addition to that, they have unbelievable services in store for their clients.

Services they offer:

  • Offers the highest cash up to $8999 for the old damaged vehicles depending upon its condition.
  • Promotes free towing service of vehicles.
  • Give free quotation service when you first call them.
  • Has free of cost car removal services.
  • It provides instant cash.
  • In favor of avoiding paperwork.
  • Working hours 7 am- 6 pm

Cash for Trucks Melbourne:

Cash for Trucks Melbourne is counted in the best truck wrecking companies. If you have an old broken truck and you want to sell it for good cash in return then this is the best option for you. they offer truly wonderful services.

Services they give:

  • Working days- Monday to Saturday.
  • Operates between 5 am to 8 pm.
  • Has truck yards in Dandenong south, Laverton North and Somerton.
  • Provides 24/7 quotation service.
  • Has the service of free truck removal.
  • Deal in instant cash.
  • Promotes fast services.

Truck Wreckers Melbourne:

It provides you the best value for your old damaged truck. They buy broken trucks seven days a week. They have incredible services; they do not disappoint their customers in any way.

Services of Truck Wreckers Melbourne:

  • Free of cost truck removing service.
  • Give the highest cash up to $15999 for the old trash truck.
  • Buys truck of any making and any condition.
  • Desires every model of the truck.
  • Offers 24/7 services.
  • Operates all over the state of Melbourne.

Car Wreckers in Melbourne:

They offer the most admirable services among all the car wrecking companies operating in the state of Melbourne. The list of their services is mentioned ahead.


They give the highest cash in return for your old trash car. Additionally, they offer free car removal and also free of cost towing service for their customers. They offer the highest cash up to $8,999 for junk cars. They prefer fast and instant cash.

Cash for Cars Melbourne:

Cash for cars Melbourne offers the highest cash for your broken old cars. They have incredible bundles for their customers. The list of their services is stated ahead.

  • Free quotation.
  • Free car removal
  • Same day removal
  • Fast cash services
  • Cash up to $14,999
  • Operate 24/7
  • Works between Monday to Friday
  • Working hours – 8 am to 6 pm

All of the above-mentioned companies can help you in getting rid of your unwanted vehicle. Currently, their services are famous in town and you will never regret it while dealing with them.

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